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USB Safely Remove 2.1


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Description of
USB Safely Remove
Extends Safely Remove Hardware icon functionality. The program completely replaces the features of the standard Safely Remove Hardware icon and also implements a number of unique features.

1. You can customize the Quick Stop Menu (shown when you left-click the "USB Safely Remove" icon in the system tray):
* Remove a USB device you never need to stop from the menu. For example, ADSL modem, USB scanner, etc.;
* Replace the neutral default device name with a more familiar name (for example, "John's 2GB Flash Drive" instead of simply "FlashDrive");
* Change device icon.
2. You can stop a USB device by pressing a shortcut key while working in any application.
3. USB Safely Remove automatically removes its icon from the notification area when there are no devices to be stopped. Thus, you can customize the program so the icon appears only when you need it.
4. You can specify applications or sounds that will be launched every time you connect or stop a device.
Windows 2000, Windows XP
USB Safely Remove
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License: Shareware
Price: $14.95
File Size: 1.3 MB
Downloads: 322

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